The Dunamis Ministry

Dunamis Men of Dynamite Power is a Powerful Team of Mighty Men dedicated to spreading the good news of the gospel through amazing acts of physical strength.

Dunamis Team Member Andrew Beard flipping a car
The team members impart, inspire and impress everyone that their ministry touches.

Dunamis Team President | Tim SpignerThe Dunamis Message

  • Deal with your Insecurities and Self Perception 
  • Say no to drugs 
  • Say no to alcohol 
  • Deal with Peer Pressure 
  • Abstinence (True Love waits) 
  • Ethics and Values (The Power of Choice) 
  • Overcoming Challenges and Adversity 

Dunamis Team Manits Break | Brett Keller

Dunamis Highlights from The Rock Church in San Bernadino, CA


Darrin Hoden lifting up 2 members of the audience on a steel beam

Oceanside's Amphitheater
The Dunamis Power of God was all over the ampitheatre, when the Dunamis Men of Dynamite Power took the stage. Their powerful outreach touched many lives and caused many more to come to Jesus. Click Here for Pictures 


Lansing Circle Outreach, Escondido, CA
The Powerful Team of Tim SpignerDrew BeardBrett Keller and Darrin Hoden descended on Lansing Circle  for a Power Filled Outreach. Over 300 people attended this event and 71 gave their hearts to Jesus.

Dunamis Global Outreach Highlights from Egypt

The Vision of Team Dunamis

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